The dragons love of shiny things can get them into a world of trouble. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I will continue my dragon adventure in the new year. Thank you to all those who have stopped by here to have a look and those who liked ,shared and commented on... Continue Reading →

Do not trouble a dragon guarding his treasure. That has always been the rule, unless you were a brave knight fixing for the battle of your life. Through out history there have been tales of great hoards of treasure guarded by deadly dragons. Sigurd and Fafnir, Beowulf and his last opponent the fire breathing dragon... Continue Reading →

  Historically speaking dragons have often been associated with water. They, like any top predator, would secure for themselves that most valuable of resources and defend it. They would often establish a burrow or occupy a cave close by their chosen water source. Whether that water source was a town well, watering hole, dam or... Continue Reading →

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