Modern dragons don't react well to to human authority. To say that they have a rebellious streak is a bit of an understatement. They remember a time when they answered to no one and held sway over all they surveyed. They may no longer be able to unleash wanton destruction upon any a passer by.... Continue Reading →

Some dragons are fiercely territorial and will attack other dragons on sight! However direct confrontations are rare in our modern age, mainly due to the rarity of dragons and their desire to remain secretive. Mankind's relegation of dragons to fantasy has greatly aided their survival. They don't need a noisy, fiery battle making people aware... Continue Reading →

  Some dragons have survived to our modern age not because they were the most fierce or even reclusive. Some live among us as masters of stealth and camouflage. They blend in with their surroundings, perhaps choosing to mimic other more common place creatures like birds, or perfectly blending into their environments changing colours and... Continue Reading →

  Dragons of old would guard objects of great power and magic. Swords and armor that would make their bearers unbeatable, rings of power that could sway the course of destiny. These objects have been lost to history and sadly so have many of the dragons that protected them. However modern dragons still have an... Continue Reading →

  The dragons love of shiny things can get them into a world of trouble. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I will continue my dragon adventure in the new year. Thank you to all those who have stopped by here to have a look and those who liked ,shared and commented on... Continue Reading →

  Historically speaking dragons have often been associated with water. They, like any top predator, would secure for themselves that most valuable of resources and defend it. They would often establish a burrow or occupy a cave close by their chosen water source. Whether that water source was a town well, watering hole, dam or... Continue Reading →

  More often than not the habits of dragons are baffling. However by devoting more time to studying them, I hope to unravel some of the complexities of their behavior. As of yet, I have no answer as to why they do this...

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