Making Friends


Of all the behaviors of the modern dragon, the most puzzling at first glance is their friendship with cats. In ancient times the greatest dragons came equipped with mighty intellects. Some were even able to bend the minds of would be heroes to their will, sending them back out into the world as ‘thralls’, faithful servants who would achieve the dragon’s ends in places the dragon could not personally go. In our day very few dragons remain with the strength required to enthrall men. Cats on the other hand are plentiful and make amazing thralls. Swift hunters and inconspicuous, faithfully serving their dragon masters, bringing them mice and birds that they could not catch themselves without being noticed by us. The relationship is not one sided however. Few dogs would dare to tangle with a dragon, and dragons on account of their fiery insides are delightfully warm. Just perfect for cats to warm themselves on.

6 thoughts on “Making Friends

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  1. Thanks for sharing your drawings – totally made my day to see them! Especially love the ones with cats!

      1. The drawings made me smile so much that I ordered “Making Friends” and “Junkyard Dragons” yesterday. Hope they arrive soon!

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