In the spirit of Valentine’s day, what better time than now to reflect on the pairing practice’s of dragons? Dragons amazingly enough are monogamous. The modern dragon is a rare creature so once a mate is found they tend to have a short courtship which often involves ritualistic dancing or feats of strength and prowess. Especially in the instance of two or more males of the species competing for the affection of a female. The social structures of different species of dragon vary but the end result is always the same. Once the choice of mate is made the bond is strong and life long. The benefits for the paired dragons are many, as the old saying goes “two dragons in the bush are best left alone”. They do not couple solely for breeding though, being intelligent creatures they enjoy company. Two dragons are more capable of defending themselves. Medieval man discovered this fact many times, upon vanquishing a great dragon they would often have to also deal with the distraught mate. Two dragons hunt more successfully too, which is a good thing as they often have little mouths to feed. But that is a post for another time.

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