Great Hunter

Majestic. That is the word that best described the great dragons of old. They were proud and noble and terrible to behold. They looked down upon the works of men and defied them to the last. Fear was an emotion that they were unfamiliar with. Their hunting ability was legendary- They would take and none could challenge. Not so with many a modern dragon. They would sooner flee than risk a direct encounter with people, which has kept them alive until now. However from time to time an anomaly appears, a modern dragon with a fearless heart, a heart  like one of the dragons of old. Though often small, these dragons are fearless hunters and are able to take from man what matters most!

5 thoughts on “Great Hunter

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  1. Perdão por não digitar corretamente, mas não falo seu idioma, então precisei do Google Translate pra você possa entender, mais ou menos. Mas gostaria de parabenizar seu trabalho. Perfeito e irretocável. Principalmente esse com tema de super-heróis. Parabéns e que não pare por aqui. Obrigado!

  2. Forgiveness for not type correctly, but do not speak your language, so I had to Google Translate for you to understand, more or less. But I would like to congratulate their work. Perfect and flawless. Especially with this superhero theme. Congratulations and do not stop here. Thank you!

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