Wolf’s clothing

The only thing more dangerous than a wolf in sheep’s clothing is a dragon in wolfs clothing. Dragons are the undisputed apex predator of every food chain. Their cunning and tenacity have allowed them to maintain a low profile in our modern era. Forsaking their old hunting tactics of raining fire down from above, openly flying the skies and generally being highly conspicuous, they rather opt for more stealthy operations like seamlessly blending in with their desired prey, getting them acclimatized to their presence, gaining their trust and waiting for the ideal time to strike.

6 thoughts on “Wolf’s clothing

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  1. Thank you for warning us of these particular dangers. When seeing them in public, I’m never sure how to properly react to a dragon. At last, the facts are revealed!

    1. That’s what I’m here for Joey. Dragon safety is all about raising awareness so that we know how to react when the time comes. I frequently review my facebook friend list to make sure none of my friends are dragons acclimatizing me to their presence 😉

      1. Really love all these pictures and and advice. Hard week this week and my niece sent me this link, soo grateful. think I might be a dragon. Women of certain hot age with cats, but at work I’m not a sheep but not a wolf (I’m better than that) so love the idea of being something more dangerous – a dragon in wolf’s clothing

      2. Really glad to hear you enjoyed my art and writing 🙂 And that it has resonated with you on a personal level. I hope you have a great week as a dragon in wolfs clothing 😉 and remember with great power comes great responsibility.

  2. I loved this so much, I showed my husband. I am now the very happy guardian of a print, all the way from US to Scotland- that’s a long way for a dragon to fly

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