The answer to the question.

Dragon behavior has been incredibly hard to document, due simply to their rarity. Many questions have been answered though,through painstaking research and countless hours of observation. We know that they blow fire, that was one of the first things to be documented. We know without a doubt they are reptilian and almost always have sharp teeth. They often have claws and tails too. As you can see we have answered many questions…scientifically, with science.

There is one answer however that has eluded dragon researchers for more than a century. Many of the world’s top dragon researchers have gone to their graves longing to know the answer, dying sad deaths bereft of meaning or comfort…until now. I believe we now have the best chance we have ever had to answer the question. What question? I hear you cry!

The question is this: How many dragons does it take to change a light bulb?

Look long and hard at this artist depiction of what the answer to this question could look like. This is what we in the field of dragon research could call science’s “best guess”. Its probably definitely true.

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