In this world of uncertainty it's easy to develop a dissatisfaction with life and a longing for anything other than what we have or know. Little blue doesn't struggle with such feelings, he is completely content in the knowledge that despite all the worlds uncertainty he is most certainly a dragon. Dragons, he knows,... Continue Reading →

The stresses of relocating life and belongings isn't a uniquely human experience. Dragons have had to deal with that challenge for centuries and they still do in our modern age!

Majestic. That is the word that best described the great dragons of old. They were proud and noble and terrible to behold. They looked down upon the works of men and defied them to the last. Fear was an emotion that they were unfamiliar with. Their hunting ability was legendary- They would take and none could... Continue Reading →

In the past dragon sightings were taken as a sign of ill news, in modern times things have changed... sort of

In the spirit of Valentine's day, what better time than now to reflect on the pairing practice's of dragons?

  Dragons as a species are incredibly task oriented.  They are goal setters and go-getters. They see a pile of treasure, they covet a pile of treasure and they steal a pile of treasure. Or they see a beautiful bouquet of flowers they covet  a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the tear up a beautiful bouquet... Continue Reading →

Many of the worlds most ancient civilizations contain legends of the Ouroboros, the serpent that devours it's own tail. Mankind has adopted this dragon as a symbol for infinity and wholeness, even immortality. The largest description of this dragon was Jörmungandr the world encircling serpent. Although Jörmungandr has disappeared into the mists of time he did set rather... Continue Reading →

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